About Us

The brand designs trendsetting prints that are featured in every collection. They create the printed art on the fabric; design the silhouettes, pattern make, cut, and construct the entire line from beginning to end locally in Miami.

Every piece is crafted in our Atelier located in Miami. High quality and dedication is our recipe for every creation. Our expert team of professionals crafts every single garment and turn our precious prints into work of arts. To reduce waste, many of our items are made to order therefore we are always open to customizing items particularly to fit your style. Our collection consists of innovative pieces that transition from day to night with our own artwork sublimated into prints.

We have also presented and received accolades in:

  • Mercedez Benz New York Fashion week 2014
  • Mercedes Benz El Paso fashion week 2014
  • Palm Beach Fashion Week 2014
  • Miami Art Basel 2014
  • Peroni Emerging Designers 2015
  • Kentucky KMAC Couture 2015
  • Miami Swim Week 2016
  • Art Deco Weekend 2017
  • Mercedes Benz El Paso fashion week 2017
  • Kentucky KMAC Couture 2017
  • Art Deco Weekend 2018
  • Art Deco Weekend 2019
  • Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week 2019
  • The Market at Macy’s 2019


All our items are made with integrity in Miami.