Miami Mercury

Miami Mercury:

Step into the enchanting world of Roman mythology with the mesmerizing fashion editorial, "Miami Mercury." Captured through the lens of the talented Flavio Iryoda and showcased by the dynamic model Leo Cruz, this editorial takes us on a captivating journey of the Roman god Mercury as he descends upon Miami for a day of indulgence and revelry. Mercury grapples with his decision during the enchanting golden hour—whether to return to his divine realm or succumb to the allure of earthly pleasures.

Dressed in the vibrant creations of Luis Aponte Atelier, Mercury's transformation into a mortal brings forth a collection where the hues of orange and blue reign supreme, reflecting the playful and colorful essence of Miami. The collection resonates with the vibrant spirit of the city, as orange and blue play prominent roles throughout. Luis Aponte presents ready-to-wear looks that embody the essence of Miami's fashion scene. From vibrant and sexy bathing suits to stylish and captivating ensembles, each piece captures the essence of Mercury's adventurous journey.

"Miami Mercury" stands as a bridge between ancient myth and contemporary fashion. Flavio Iryoda's artistic vision and Leo Cruz's captivating presence bring this narrative to life, while Luis Aponte Atelier's designs merge the worlds of fantasy and reality. With its playful, colorful, and undeniably Miami vibe, this editorial invites you to immerse yourself in a world where gods walk among us, and fashion becomes a powerful medium for storytelling.

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