Fall/Winter '24: Colors Into Emotions

Step into the enchanting world of our latest fashion editorial, where models Clayton Paterson and Daruma Almenares gracefully showcase our Fall/Winter Collection in a captivating dance of darkness and mystery. Photographed by the talented Flavio Iryoda, this editorial is a testament to the power of color and shadows.

The color palette takes center stage, with a serious and sophisticated blend of greens, purples, and gold tones. Each hue carefully chosen to evoke a sense of depth and emotion, transforming fashion into an art form. The darkness enveloping the editorial accentuates the richness of the colors, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the essence of our collection.

Special recognition goes to our extraordinary models, Clayton Paterson and Daruma Almenares, who breathe life into our designs, infusing them with personality and poise. Their ability to embrace the emotional atmosphere of the shoot transports us into a serene world where fashion becomes a language of its own.

Flavio Iryoda's lens becomes the storyteller, capturing movement, emotion, and shadows with a masterful touch. His commitment to the craft is evident, playing a pivotal role in developing the editorial's concept and delivering a series of images that are not just visually stunning but emotionally resonant. Together, this team has created an editorial that transcends fashion, inviting us to immerse ourselves in a world where style and emotion intertwine seamlessly.

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